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Sacred Heart School

Academic Excellence Rooted in Faith


SHAC Board

President - Brian McDonald
Vice President - William Birmingham
Treasurer - John Grippo
Secretary - 
Asst. Treasurer / Kitchen Coordinator - Lucy Birmingham

SHAC Membership

There are three forms every player must turn in to their coaches. In addition, each participant must have a current physical form on file at the school. You can download each form by clicking on it below.

General membership dues: All dues must be paid in full before the participant receives their uniform. Dues are as follows:

  • Each child $75
  • Child participating in two teams $100 (Basketball and Cheerleading)
  • Soccer Fees: Each child $20 (Fall/spring)

Parent work schedule: Each parent is required to work a minimum of two home games for each team your child is a member of. To clarify, if you have a child on one team then you are required to work two home games. If your child is on two teams you are required to work four home games. If you have two children on two teams then you are required to work four home games. No parent is required to work more than four home games. Any shortage of workers will be filled on a volunteer basis.  However, if a parent wishes to volunteer, please do so.